why education must focus on proper nutrition in today's society

Nutrition may be taught in passing, covering a couple of chapters, in subjects such as science and home economics, but putting emphasis in nutrition could be an effective way to educate young learners about the direct link between nutrition and health.

Nutrition education goes way beyond the classroom, carrying forward into a person’s entire lifetime. Providing good nutrition education for young students means equipping them with real-life, matter-of-fact skills to feed themselves well and pay it forward in their community.

In today’s busy world, where practically everyone is living on fast food and there is an alarming neglect of proper food preparation, nutrition should be a main topic taught in school as an important concern. Teaching youth about healthy food choices demands immediate and realistic answers for young people to fully understand the valuable benefits of healthy food choices. We are letting an important opportunity pass by not including nutrition education in the mainstream curriculum of schools.

Except perhaps for the select few who want a career in the field, nutrition has never truly been underlined as a necessity that is for everyone and not just for nutrition majors or dieticians.

Here are some of the reasons why nutrition should be a main topic taught in school.

here's why children must learn essential nutrition education today

Nutrition Education: An Emphasis on Good Food Preparation as a Crucial Life Skill

The inclusion of nutrition education in school curricula can help turn students into better-informed consumers. At a young age, students of nutrition education will have better discernment and clearer insight into the nutritional components of the food that they choose to buy and that which they choose to shun.

Raising a generation that is immersed in intensive nutrition studies can reshape the world that we live in into a healthier one. It could facilitate a drastic cut in fast food consumption and a dramatic increase in the intake of healthy food, along with a radical drop in the number of cases of obesity and malnutrition.

Would that not make our world an even more wonderful place to live in?

Also, a main subject solely concentrating on nutrition education is a reminder to distinguish good food from unhealthy food, to learn how to cook, and to have the ability to feed oneself, which are basic skills for survival. These skills have been massively discounted and ignored. Teaching nutrition early on as a main topic in schools can remedy this widespread indifference.

Development of the Value of Appreciating Nature

The environment gifts us every day with natural sustenance. Our surroundings are the main source of our subsistence. Nature goes through countless processes to provide for its inhabitants, and teaching nutrition to school-aged children will mold these young minds into responsible adults who will be dependable enough to care for the environment.

An Encouragement to Garner Greater Academic and Professional Success Later in Life

Having established that proper nutrition education leads to better food choices and enables young learners to nourish themselves, teaching nutrition will be the route to children’s healthy body and mind.

As students of nutrition education, they will have the energy to remain mentally alert and active because they are well-nourished. Also, if we instill the value of proper nutrition in young learners, they will have a greater chance of success later on in life.

why education must focus on proper nutrition in today's society

When the Subject of Nutrition Should Be Mandatory and No Longer Elective

Teaching nutrition as a main subject in schools would have an immense impact in the promotion of long-term, healthy eating habits and in the creation of environments that value good food choices.

While classes in home economics and health education are already being taught in school as main subjects, in addition to biological science, the need to have a separate major subject that is exclusively dedicated to nutrition is becoming more urgent in recent years.

Should nutrition education finally be included in our schools’ standard curriculum as a primary subject, it would make a great contribution to raising public awareness in food choices across the country. This shall, in turn, be conducive to an overall mindfulness of health and wellbeing. Nutrition is one of the best places to start as a foundation for public health education.

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