5 Ways to Get Exercise In Even With a Hectic Schedule

5 Ways to Get Exercise In Even With a Hectic Schedule

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Are you struggling to spare some time for exercise despite your busy schedule? If yes, then you have come to the right place. I am going to reveal some simple and easy tricks that you can adapt to a packed schedule to keep yourself fit. Unfortunately, in the modern era, our schedules have become so tight that we are unable to find some free time for a workout. Poor lifestyles always lead to poor health. Anyhow, no need to worry, because if you follow the following 5 techniques, you shall definitely do enough workouts to keep yourself healthy despite a chaotic timetable.

Use the stairs

Studies have shown that using stairs is an excellent way to do sneak in a good workout. Using stairs burns a lot of calories and builds muscle mass. Building muscle mass and burning the calories always keep you fit. Obviously, you can easily fit this technique in your schedule no matter how tight it is.

Interestingly, research has shown that people save time when taking the stairs. Sometimes, in a tall building, people have to wait for the elevator for as long as two minutes. They can use stairs to save the time that they spend in waiting for the elevators. You must avoid elevators and take the stairs every time.

Clean Your House

Another great way to workout is to clean your home. Time at home is usually free time, and you spend this time usually watching the television or using the internet.

The best idea is to clean the floors or carpets because this type of cleaning burns more fat. This activity will not disturb your rigid timetable, and you will be working out while cleaning.

Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier

Finding spare time amid a busy schedule is quite difficult. However, there is a solution. Studies have shown that sometimes people do not find free time in their schedules because they do not make any attempt to spare the time.

If it is possible, then the best way is to wake up 30 minutes earlier than your usual. Spend these 30 minutes running or jogging. If you wake up 30 minutes earlier, it will not have any effect on your official timetable, and you shall get maximum benefits.

Get Off The Bus or Train One Stop Earlier

If you use the bus or train to go to the office, then leaving the bus one stop earlier can contribute to your exercise routine by covering the remaining distance by walking. Usually, trains and buses stops have a one kilometer distance. You can walk for one kilometer. So slap on some sunscreen to prevent and help get rid of dark spots and walk a little bit more in your daily life. It will take only 10 minutes in total. You burn a lot of calories by walking.

Go Hiking

A great hobby to develop is to go on a nice hike at least once a week. It’s a great way to not only get some exercise but to get out and experience nature. We do recommend if you do this to look at some self defense knives review and/or looking at the best out the front knives so that you have some protection from animals and in case you need to use them if you find yourself in a situation where it’s needed.

Use The Lunch Break

Lunch break can be a blessing if you utilize it wisely. After eating the lunch, you should go outside and spend some time in the park.In addition this is a good time to make a phone call to your friend or anyone you like and talk while walking. Only 10 minutes of this walking will burn a lot of calories, and your schedule will not be changed as well.

All in all, sparing some time from your hectic schedule for exercise is not a big deal. If there is a will, there is a way. You can follow the above-given five techniques or any one technique out of them, and you will surely keep yourself fit without having to alter your schedule.


The Health Benefits of Strong Relationships

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Since time immemorial, humans are in need of physical contact. Recent studies show that physical contact between a mother and her newborn baby is most beneficial during the first hour or two after birth. The importance of physical contact between the mom and the baby has been proven to boost health wealth, comfort them, stop them from crying, initiate breastfeeding, and strengthen the maternal-child relationship.

This goes to show that the relationships you form with your loved ones and other people are essential for your mental and emotional health, overall well-being, and survival. If you ever want to start looking at the best Austin, TX tuxedo rental or Wedding Cakes in San Antonio because you found “the one” then it’s important that you know the benefits of a strong relationship and how to cultivate one for the future.

There is a nagging desire to be closer to other people, to bond and build a connection with them. We need to be in healthy relationships (romantic, platonic, or familial) to feel happy, content, and loved. But what does a healthy relationship look like?

A healthy relationship can be experienced between people who support, help, encourage, and most of all, love one another. People in healthy relationships most likely:

  •         Listen to one another
  •         Communicate without judgment
  •         Trust and respect each other
  •         Make time for each other
  •         Remember significant details in each other’s lives
  •         Engage in different activities together

While you do not have to be involved in a romantic relationship to reap the benefits of a healthy relationship, studies show that being in one has a positive effect on your overall well-being. Here are some of the benefits you can experience from a healthy relationship:

  1.   You Stress Less

When you are in a committed relationship, your body tends to produce less cortisol, a hormone that induces stress. Married couples or people involved in a romantic relationship are less responsive to psychological stress. This is due to the emotional support you receive from your significant other which can be a great buffer against stress. Studies also show that couples who live together are happier than those who do not.

  1.   You Heal Better

Studies proved that married people who underwent heart surgery are three times more likely to survive the first few months of post heart surgery than unmarried or single people. This is also linked to the emotional support their significant others give them before, during, and after the surgery. Emotional support is vital for a patient’s recovery from illnesses or life-changing procedures.

  1.   You Live a Healthier Life

It is definitely easier to adapt to change or to a healthy lifestyle when the people surrounding you do the same. If your spouse, family, or friends live a healthy lifestyle – eating healthily, exercising daily, or avoiding vices – you are more likely to follow them or it makes it easier for you to do so.

  1.   You have a Greater Sense of Purpose

Humans want to feel needed, we want to feel as if we are part of something bigger. It is human instinct to want to make a difference in the world or maybe make a difference in the life of someone dear to you. Being in a healthy relationship can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment knowing that you are able to influence someone in a positive way.

  1.   You Live Longer

Studies suggest that being in healthy social relationships is a huge factor in avoiding early death than religiously taking blood pressure medicines or being exposed to pollution. One study observed that the lack of social relationships is comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. That is a very human element that cannot be replaced with the latest technology that we have at our fingertips. 

Each and every one of you is unique. You have your own needs, wants, desires, and even preferences when it comes to building healthy relationships, managing stress, and living a meaningful life. If you are an introvert, aloof, or if you simply prefer your own company, then that’s fine. But it is important to attempt to form a handful of relationships. You will surely notice an improvement with regards to your mental and physical health.

Forming healthy relationships is not about the number of friends you have. Most of the time having at least a couple of good friends (or even a therapist or counselor) to help you navigate through the maze called life is more than enough. It can have a positive effect on your health and more importantly, it can make you a better person.

A great benefit to having a healthy relationship is that you won’t have to worry about things like Googling “test kit chlamydia” as when you’re in a healthy and committed relationship these are worries that are much less likely to come your way. Meaning you can have greater mental health as well as physical health to boot.


Can We Solve The Hunger Crisis?

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If we think of food, we can find two different sides: our fridges full of foods and meals, we buy in huge supermarkets, or we can protest against rising of the foods’ prices. There is the other side for example in Africa where people have to face and struggle with everyday striving for food.




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How can it be solved? Or may it be solved at all? There are numerous of suggestions available but it is not so easy to sort out the effective ones. Let’s see some of them:

Develop Food Aid

The US gives nearly all the aid – actually about $2 billion annually. The food is given to a humanitarian agency which transports the food aid to the target location and sells it at a lower price. However this process isn’t effective because many times, the ship needs 5-5 month to get the final location and also causes high fuel costs. Because of the US financial policy the process is slow and needs improving.

Produce richer crop

In Africa an average farmer uses little fertilizer: actually one tenth as much than a farmer in the US. This results miserable yield especially we compare it with farmers in India (three or four times as much food or China (approximately seven times as much). The other question is whether to use genetically modified plants to solve hunger crisis or not. These plants are more resistant against infection, fungi etc.

Eat less meat

This can be a painful suggestion for many people, but as the population grows throughout the whole world, the meat consumption increases as well. For we need more meat we have to feed the animals corn. This results higher corn prices and more expensive meat. However the scientists work on how to produce meat without feeding so much.

Our planet is overcrowded

We mustn’t neglect the fact that the Earth has been overcrowded by now. We lack enough clean water and food, so it’s high time to wake up.

Develop distribution of food

As a matter of fact, we do have enough food but isn’t distributed equally. In numbers, there are 805 million people who live in poverty and suffer from hunger while more than 1.4 billion people face with obesity or being overweight. It would be a good solution to have emergency food stations in the most famine-smitten regions so that it can be reached when they are really in need.

Advocate local food

In spite of many experts’ opinion that local food can’t serve us with food all the time but yet it is still an important part of feeding people. Since it connects consumer with producer or farmer, local markets empower and encourage them to grow and produce more and better foods. Therefore, investment should be recommended for small or mid-sized farms, companies and several programs should also be set up to teach local people how to be more efficient in producing food.

Involve public

Nothing will be successful unless people understand that this topic is very urgent and it does affect each and every one. So educational programs should be initiated for the young generations to teach them how to economize on available sources, how to save environment and engage them on food security and agriculture.

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Using Nutrition to Prevent Common Ailments

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healthy living requires proper nutrition and workout

You are what you eat; this adage makes for a timely reminder.

What you ingest now you can either benefit you or cause you to suffer terrible consequences. This is the main premise of proper nutrition and illness prevention.

Adequate nutrition naturally enhances and reinforces the body’s health. Malnutrition logically does otherwise.

Browse through and learn how using nutrition to prevent common ailments is possible.

Proper Nutrition: Some of the Most Common Ailment-Fighting Nutritional Superfoods

the importance of proper nutrition for a healthy bodyCruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, and broccoli contribute towards fighting against common diseases. They have components and elements which help boost your body’s immune system, making it more efficient and powerful in protecting you from sickness. An immune system of significant strength enables the body to more easily flush out toxins and disease-causing chemicals from its systems.

Tomatoes are natural antioxidants. These delicious fruits help to prevent certain cancers and bone conditions. Their composition has been found to protect against heart ailments, owing to their anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory properties. They are great for your skin, too.

Garlic is another one of those very healthy foods that reverse diseases from the common flu and infections to the more serious cancer and heart ailments. Garlic contains properties which reduce your body’s cholesterol levels. Even mental conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be combatted with the use of garlic. Plus, it is also good for hair growth.

Like garlic, walnuts are great for lowering cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, hence lowering your risks of acquiring heart ailments. This is due to the high level of omega-3 fatty acids naturally contained in them.

Some of the Most Common Ailment-Causing Foods

While we know what to eat, it is equally important to know what not to eat for proper nutrition and illness prevention.

It is highly recommended that you avoid foods that are heavy in saturated fats such as fatty meat parts and high-fat dairy products like cheese and butter. Regular intake of these foods causes too much weight gain and can eventually result in obesity. You are advised not to eat too much of these. A little craving for these foods once in a while is not entirely bad for you, but do not make them a staple in your nutritional plan. Particularly regarding meat, you can opt for the leaner cuts instead of the fatty areas.

Processed meats are to be shunned, too. They are high in harmful preservatives that are difficult to eliminate from the bodily system. You may run the risk of developing certain cancers because of these preservatives.

Nutrition Working Together with Physical Activities

Basically, nutrition and workouts support each other. Your body needs proper nutrition to give you the energy you need to exercise; and as it comes to full circle, you will then need good nutrition to restore the energy consumed to sweat during your exercise.

There are some easy ways to get more exercise as well, in fact it can be as simple as finding one of the top rated portable basketball hoops or in ground basketball goals and go shoot some hoops a little each day. You would be surprised how many calories something that simple can burn each day.

Nutrition is what fuels your body and your mind to perform and function optimally.

healthy living requires proper nutrition and workout

The Link Between Proper Nutrition and Illness Prevention

The chances of acquiring ailments are a part of life. It is nature. They are present and they exist, lurking right around the corner. These illnesses are never truly inevitable. You will catch a cold from time to time. There may be days when your blood pressure will spike. You may get more serious ailments not because you are not careful with your nutrition, but because these diseases may run in the family.

However, proper nutrition and illness prevention are intricately linked. You can choose to get proper nutrition to stay healthy and thus at least contribute to avoiding common ailments. It is not exactly prevention per se; it is helping out your body to keep illnesses at bay.

When you nourish yourself properly, you are doing your part in lowering your risks of ailments.

Why Nutrition Should Be a Main Topic Taught in School

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why education must focus on proper nutrition in today's society

Nutrition may be taught in passing, covering a couple of chapters, in subjects such as science and home economics, but putting emphasis in nutrition could be an effective way to educate young learners about the direct link between nutrition and health.

Nutrition education goes way beyond the classroom, carrying forward into a person’s entire lifetime. Providing good nutrition education for young students means equipping them with real-life, matter-of-fact skills to feed themselves well and pay it forward in their community.

In today’s busy world, where practically everyone is living on fast food and there is an alarming neglect of proper food preparation, nutrition should be a main topic taught in school as an important concern. Teaching youth about healthy food choices demands immediate and realistic answers for young people to fully understand the valuable benefits of healthy food choices. We are letting an important opportunity pass by not including nutrition education in the mainstream curriculum of schools.

Except perhaps for the select few who want a career in the field, nutrition has never truly been underlined as a necessity that is for everyone and not just for nutrition majors or dieticians.

Here are some of the reasons why nutrition should be a main topic taught in school.

here's why children must learn essential nutrition education today

Nutrition Education: An Emphasis on Good Food Preparation as a Crucial Life Skill

The inclusion of nutrition education in school curricula can help turn students into better-informed consumers. At a young age, students of nutrition education will have better discernment and clearer insight into the nutritional components of the food that they choose to buy and that which they choose to shun.

Raising a generation that is immersed in intensive nutrition studies can reshape the world that we live in into a healthier one. It could facilitate a drastic cut in fast food consumption and a dramatic increase in the intake of healthy food, along with a radical drop in the number of cases of obesity and malnutrition.

Would that not make our world an even more wonderful place to live in?

Also, a main subject solely concentrating on nutrition education is a reminder to distinguish good food from unhealthy food, to learn how to cook, and to have the ability to feed oneself, which are basic skills for survival. These skills have been massively discounted and ignored. Teaching nutrition early on as a main topic in schools can remedy this widespread indifference.

Development of the Value of Appreciating Nature

The environment gifts us every day with natural sustenance. Our surroundings are the main source of our subsistence. Nature goes through countless processes to provide for its inhabitants, and teaching nutrition to school-aged children will mold these young minds into responsible adults who will be dependable enough to care for the environment.

An Encouragement to Garner Greater Academic and Professional Success Later in Life

Having established that proper nutrition education leads to better food choices and enables young learners to nourish themselves, teaching nutrition will be the route to children’s healthy body and mind.

As students of nutrition education, they will have the energy to remain mentally alert and active because they are well-nourished. Also, if we instill the value of proper nutrition in young learners, they will have a greater chance of success later on in life.

why education must focus on proper nutrition in today's society

When the Subject of Nutrition Should Be Mandatory and No Longer Elective

Teaching nutrition as a main subject in schools would have an immense impact in the promotion of long-term, healthy eating habits and in the creation of environments that value good food choices.

While classes in home economics and health education are already being taught in school as main subjects, in addition to biological science, the need to have a separate major subject that is exclusively dedicated to nutrition is becoming more urgent in recent years.

Should nutrition education finally be included in our schools’ standard curriculum as a primary subject, it would make a great contribution to raising public awareness in food choices across the country. This shall, in turn, be conducive to an overall mindfulness of health and wellbeing. Nutrition is one of the best places to start as a foundation for public health education.

Social Determinants of Health

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The social determinants of health (SDH) are the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life. These forces and systems include economic policies and systems, development agendas, social norms, social policies and political systems.

As a core function, WHO’s SDH Unit is responsible for coordinating WHO support to countries to take action on SDH to address health inequities. The SDH Unit works to support, guide and strengthen the capacities of countries to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate initiatives to promote health equity through addressing the SDH. The WHO SDH Unit currently focuses on four priority areas

United Nations Foundation

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The United Nations Foundation links the UN’s work with others around the world, mobilizing the energy and expertise of business and non-governmental organizations to help the UN tackle issues including climate change, global health, peace and security, women’s empowerment, poverty eradication, energy access, and U.S.-UN relations.

New report shows NHS funding growth in its history

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person over the next two years, in what will be the toughest decade of funding growth in NHS history. In its new briefing published today, the independent charity also outlines how the new government urgently needs to bridge an alarming funding gap in social care, which has resulted in at least 400,000 fewer people in England receiving care.

In the first of three briefings ahead of the 2017 General Election, the Health Foundation’s paper NHS and social care funding: three unavoidable challenges provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of NHS and social care finances in England. It outlines three unavoidable financial challenges that need to be tackled by the next government if it is to maintain health care and social care services. It states:


  • Social care needs immediate attention from an incoming government. Despite the extra money allocated to social care in the spring budget, the current system is severely under-funded and unaffordable for people on low incomes who are ineligible for free care. As a result: